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Following the Government broadcast on the evening of Monday 16th March, Sussex Cricket Foundation have received enquiries from the cricket community regarding the latest ECB position on Coronavirus, particularly in relation to the upcoming playing season. 

This page will be used to communicate this information…

Latest updates (09/04/2020 - 12:15)

If you have any queries or questions that do not relate to any of the above please contact 

In the meantime we send our very best wishes to the whole cricket community across Sussex.

Please continue to check this page for future updates.


Dear All,

Ever since the COVID-19 crisis began, the ECB has been working to minimise the impact of this unprecedented situation on cricket in England and Wales.

We are acutely aware of the concern felt at all levels of the game about the financial implications of the suspension of cricket because of the virus.

We know you are worried about the effect on your club. You may have invested in new facilities that will now sit idle. Perhaps you were preparing for All Stars and Dynamos Cricket programmes that will now be delayed.

There will be sadness about missing out on the value that cricket brings to a local community by bringing people together through a shared love of the game. You may also be concerned about the impact a shortened season will have on your club finances.

I am writing to you today to let you know that we have put in place an interim support package for clubs at every level of the game, to help see you through the coming months.

We’re making available an extra budget of just over £20million to the recreational game. We anticipate that this support will be accessible for relevant cricket clubs and leagues within the next two weeks.

This support can be accessed in the following ways:

  • A cricket club support loan scheme, with a 12-month repayment holiday
  • Grants to recreational clubs through the “Return to Cricket” scheme

This is part of a £61m package of measures to support the whole sport. The ECB Board has approved plans to bring forward payments from a number of areas in its 2020-2021 planned distribution budgets.

There are also a range of other financial support packages that are available to recreational sport and we encourage local clubs and leagues to investigate their eligibility for these, which are available immediately subject to meeting the respective criteria.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Government initiatives: Business Rates holiday, Job Retention Scheme, VAT deferral, Statutory Sick Pay Rebate, HMRC Time to Pay Scheme, Business Interruption Loan Scheme;
  • Sport England: incl. £20M Community Emergency Fund
  • Sport Wales Emergency Relief Fund.

Please note there are criteria and conditions to support these initiatives available via the relevant websites.

In accordance with Government advice, the start of the cricket season has been delayed until further notice with a range of options for cricket to begin later in the summer being modelled.

We recognise that this situation is a long way from being resolved. We will continue to work with you to understand and help you meet the challenges you face. I want to thank everyone across cricket who is working tirelessly during this period of uncertainty. I understand how difficult a time this is for you.

Please be assured that all of us at the ECB and across the County network will keep supporting you so that together we can overcome this challenge to the game we all love.

ECB announces £61m package to help cricket withstand COVID-19

The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) today announced a £61 million package to help cricket withstand the financial impact of COVID-19.

The plans detail a number of measures for the whole sport from elite to grassroots, including the MCC, the First-Class Counties (FCCs) and their County Cricket Boards (CCBs). Local cricket clubs will also be offered support to see them through the coming months.

In accordance with Government advice the start of the cricket season has been delayed until at least 28 May. A range of options for cricket to begin in June, July or August are currently being modelled.

With revenues impacted across the game – from both cricket and non-cricket activities, the ECB Board today approved plans to expedite payments from a number of areas within its 2020-2021 planned distribution budgets. 

Around £40m will be made immediately available through:

  • Early release of three months’ (May-July) county partnership distributions to FCCs and CCBs
  • The immediate availability of two years’ facilities maintenance distribution
    • Funds available unfettered and not restricted to facilities maintenance expenditure
    • A further £5.5m to be made available for counties who are not eligible for 2020-2021 ordinary facilities maintenance distributions
  • Suspension of international staging fees for four months and waiving of international staging fees payable in 2020 if the match is not played as scheduled due to COVID-19

An extra budget of just over £20m will become available to the recreational game through a cricket club support loan scheme, grants through the “Return to Cricket” scheme and a 12-month holiday on loan repayments for recreational clubs.

Tom Harrison, chief executive officer of the ECB, said: "We would like to thank everyone within the cricket network who is working tirelessly to protect the game during this period of uncertainty.

"We understand these are challenging times and it has been our priority to provide swift and immediate support to all members of the cricket family at every level in England and Wales.

"We are fully aware that the situation with COVID-19 will continue to develop, and it will be months before the full financial fallout is made clear. We will continue work with all of our partners to protect the ongoing health of the entire game in the short term and beyond."

SPORT ENGLAND: Our £195 million coronavirus support package

Sport England are making up to £195 million of funding available to help the sport and physical activity sector through the ongoing coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis.


Community Cricket

Following the note from the ECB (found here outlining that in the immediate short term future all community cricket sessions including training and pre-season friendlies should be postponed, we wanted to update you as to what this means in Sussex. 

Based on the advice from the ECB, Chance to Shine, Lord's Taverners alongside the Government we have taken the decision to suspend all delivery of the Sussex Cricket Foundation. While this decision has not been taken lightly, we must work to reduce the risk and impact of coronavirus of our participants, staff and the wider community. 

During this time of uncertainty, the Sussex Cricket Foundation team are all on hand to support local cricket and communities as best we can. Whether that be our community coaches doing some shopping for some of your more vulnerable club members or a phone call just to chat about cricket for twenty minutes, our team are on hand to do so. Please get in contact with your territory manager or if this would be a useful service to you. Your Territory Manager (contact details below) is also available to help with any club development planning remotely and will be happy to answer any questions that you have about this situation as it develops. 

We know you will have questions on the implications for the broader cricket season, including league cricket, and as we have more information from Government and the ECB we will be in a better place to make a decision on this. We remain firmly of the belief that cricket plays a key role in supporting the nation during this tough time. 

  1. North Area:

  2. South Area:

  3. West Area:

  4. East Area:

The 1st Central Sussex Cricket League

Dear Clubs,

I wrote to you on 20th March with details of the 1st Central Sussex Cricket League's plan to deal with the impact of Covid-19 on the league season. I promised to update you further by 10th April, so here we are. The Exec met on 6th April and have agreed the following.

We will be moving to Stage 2 of the plan immediately, therefore no league or cup matches will take place in May. The EARLIEST that SCL cricket could possibly begin is 6th June as detailed below. For the avoidance of doubt, I stress that we are not telling you the season will begin on that date, it is obviously subject to developments and Government advice in the meantime. However, IF WE WERE TO START ON 6th JUNE: -

  1. The league matches currently scheduled for 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th May and 6th June will be cancelled. Please do not do anything in Play Cricket, the fixtures will be updated in due course by the Admin committee. 
  2. We would instead look to utilise 6th June to play the league matches that are currently scheduled for 2nd May (except those that had been moved there from the five dates mentioned above, which will be cancelled). The aim here is for all teams to lose five matches, no more and no less.
  3. 6th June would also be used to catch up on the T20 competition matches currently scheduled for 2nd May. League matches will take precedence if there is a clash.

The Exec are reviewing the situation constantly and will continue to do so. A decision will be made in early May as to whether the above plan is feasible in the environment at that time. and we will advise you further by 8th May. 

It is understood that the target date is still within the advised 12 week isolation period for those over 70 and with certain pre-existing medical conditions. That could have an impact on umpire panel numbers among other things, but we will work these issues out at the time.

We have been keeping Gray-Nicolls updated with our discussions and they are open for business for any club wishing to order balls, albeit they are working with a skeleton crew, so your order may take slightly longer to distribute. As I said last time, you are welcome to wait until there is more certainty before ordering balls, but any that you buy this year (with the 15% discount) will be valid for 2021.

You will have been advised by the Sussex Cricket Foundation that the majority of non-playing staff at Sussex Cricket have been furloughed until the end of May. The Foundation Department is being run by Chris Coleman, Gary Wallis-Tayler and Steve Pickup. Please can any queries or questions regarding The 1st Central Sussex Cricket League be sent to with all other club related matters directed to Gary Wallis-Tayler at the Sussex Cricket Foundation.

Finally, we hope all involved in The 1st Central Sussex Cricket league are staying safe and well. Let's hope we can get out on the pitch before too long.

Kind regards,


All Stars Cricket & Dynamos

At the ECB, the safety and wellbeing of the entire cricket community is our priority. For registered participants of our national participation programmes – All Stars Cricket and Dynamos Cricket – we’d like to share the latest update regarding the programmes that were due to take place this summer.

With the changing situation surrounding Covid-19, we are continuing to work closely with the Government and Sport England to look at solutions for the season ahead that prioritise the safety of all involved.

Following the ECB's announcement that all recreational cricket will be suspended until further notice, this unfortunately encompasses both the All Stars Cricket and Dynamos Cricket programmes.

In this rapidly changing environment, we are still working through the finer details of the impact of the suspension, but can confirm that we are doing our upmost to find a solution which involves running courses later in the summer. Please be assured that we will update you as frequently as possible as we make progress.

For those with children booked into either All Stars Cricket or Dynamos Cricket who are still awaiting kit delivery, we have temporarily halted deliveries at this time. We will be in touch with an update on this once we have worked through further logistical solutions, however you will receive you kit prior to the start of your programme.

This is new territory for us all and we’d like to thank you personally for your patience. Our aim is to do what’s best for our community throughout this unusual period and appreciate your support to do the same.

We are exploring ways that we can bring cricket to homes across the country through indoor games, challenges and digital content and we look forward to sharing details with you soon.

Coronavirus and Grounds Maintenance in the Recreational Game

The following statement below and the guidance notes is a collaboration between Professor Nick Pierce (ECB Chief Medical Officer), David Newman (ECB Emergency Care Coordinator) and Andy MacKay (ECB Pitch and Grounds Advisor). In this instance, the advice relates ground staff performing essential work, both paid and volunteer.

Counties are asked to consider the content of this advice and distribute the statement and the guidance through your cricket channels to all those who may maintain cricket grounds, signposting as a place where any enquiries can be sent.

I would like to thank you personally for your support and patience as we work through solutions and we will continue to update you as frequently as possible. 


Junior League Cricket & SJCF

Junior Leagues & SJCF

The intention and aim for all those involved in junior league cricket, the SJCF and all of Sussex Cricket is to ensure that when it is safe and allowed to start, the cricket season will give the opportunity for maximum participation for both boys and girls, of all ages.

However, we are mindful of government guidelines on social distancing and group gatherings and as such need to ensure that 1-day festival events, larger cluster competitions and any form of larger scale activity is entirely within what the recommendations allow.

At this stage, we are still currently planning to run the SCF U9/10 softball 6-a-side competition, ECB U13 and U15 National knockout competitions, ECB U19 T20, girls softball U10, U11 and U13 events and the boys County Champions League. However, we will hold off sending round the specifics of these until we know more about how the summer will look.

The link through which to order league balls will remain ‘live’ but it is strongly suggested that clubs hold fire on ordering their league balls for the time being. Those who have already placed their order will have it processed but understandably this won’t be done in the immediate future.

In regards the four regionally organised leagues, for both boys and girls, it has been agreed to implement and follow the following 3-stage plan:


If recreational cricket is able to resume at any stage prior to Monday the 1st of June, all junior fixtures and competitions will be played as planned. Any matches or organised events prior to the 1st of June resumption that haven’t been able to be played will simply be cancelled and not counted towards any competitions or leagues, unless re-arranged between the clubs themselves, in accordance with each of the regional Committees.

Providing matches are started by the 1st of June, all leagues will be recognised as such and league places awarded at the end of the season, based on the fixtures that get played (U12 upwards).

If the start date is after the 1st of June, Stage 2 will come into effect:

STAGE 2aIf the SJCF continues

If the annual age group weeks of competition for the SJCF do go ahead as planned and there is scope to run them as they ordinarily would, the SJCF will provide the ‘competition’ element to the 2020 season and all surviving junior league fixtures will become friendlies. They will be played in the same way they would have been without any changes, but the results and tables wouldn’t be published as league competition.

STAGE 2b – If the SJCF doesn’t run

If the age group weeks of competition for the SJCF can’t go ahead or be delivered as they ordinarily would, all fixtures from the point at which the season starts will be played as planned.

Any fixtures that were cancelled or not played prior to the start date of fixtures will be added onto the end of the original fixture list, using the weeks of what would have been the SJCF to complete the full calendar of matches.

Each individual league Committee will guide clubs on how this will look and there may need to be ‘double headers’ and/or two matches a week in order to ensure a full list of matches is completed.

At this stage the SJCF can’t make a final decision on whether they can offer the usual weeks of age group competition, as the decision on when the school holidays will/won’t take place is unclear.

STAGE 3 – Irrespective of whether the SJCF runs

If recreational cricket is not able to start until the w/c 6th of July or later, all matches that are left in the calendar will be played as friendlies, any leagues will not be published or league places awarded this season and clubs will be asked to organise additional friendlies best they can with their local neighbours.

As a County and in conjunction with the four regional set ups, we will look to support clubs to do this and provide contact lists and club details.

It goes without saying that 2020 will be a very different and unique summer for all clubs but it’s essential that wherever possible we maintain the fantastic levels of participation and opportunity we have within Sussex.

The All Stars and Dynamo’s initiatives will inevitably be affected by the ongoing challenges as well, but discussions around the ways in which these programmes may change are ongoing with the ECB and we’ll ensure you’re kept fully up to speed as and when decisions are made.

All four regional leagues, the SJCF and Sussex Cricket will work closely together to ensure this happens and with all our clubs support we can ensure that junior cricket is ready to go, as and when it’s safe to do so.

All ongoing updates will be published via the following link and your Territory Manager is still on hand to support you with anything else you need.


Matt Parsons

Junior Competitions Co-ordinator

Women’s Leagues & Soft Ball Festivals

Re: Women’s Leagues & Soft Ball Festivals

Following the ECB’s recent announcement regarding the suspension of all recreational cricket, we have made a decision on how we should proceed with our women’s cricket offering across Sussex. At this stage, we must stress that it is the absolute priority of Sussex Cricket that the health and wellbeing of everybody involved in the game is protected, this includes players, officials and any volunteers. Every decision that has been made and will be made in the future, has this as the priority.

With the unprecedented situation we are in and the ECB’s announcement last week, we have put a timeline together to deal with any changes we may have to make for this seasons women’s league cricket. We will make sure we provide as much cricket as possible while following the guideline from the ECB.

Our timeline for the women’s hardball leagues (T20 & Sussex 35 over) is detailed below:

Stage 1:

If by Friday 17th April we have more information and the season for T20 & 35 over leagues cannot begin when the first fixtures are scheduled on 10th May, we will cancel all scheduled fixtures in May. This will allow us to use any information we have to put us in a position to make further decisions.

Stage 2:

If we are unable to resume cricket at the beginning of June, then we will look to adapt the season for both T20 & 35 over, for teams to play each other once. This will allow us to get league results within the cut off times, so that we can keep the date for the Women’s T20 semi-final/final date.

We are still waiting on current information from the Women’s Cricket Southern League (WCSL) with regards to their strategy on league fixtures and the play offs in September which may have an effect on our 35 over league winners.

Please note that the above stages are not set in stone and could potentially change depending upon guidance sent from the ECB.

Women’s Soft Ball Cricket Festivals

Over the next few weeks, we will be putting together a calendar of Women’s Soft Ball Cricket Festivals, focusing on the ability to deliver excellent, well attended festivals. Bearing in mind the shorter time frame we will have to deliver these, we will likely ask local clubs to collaborate on a smaller number of festivals, spread across Sussex. Sharing the planning, marketing and delivery of fewer festivals will enable us to increase attendance, build stronger Women’s Cricket networks between clubs, pool resources and offer valuable experience to clubs who will host their first festivals in 2021. Whilst we know this will be disappointing for some who planned to host this year, we will be encouraging everyone to work together towards our shared goal, increasing women’s participation in Sussex. The list of clubs who will host this summer has not been put together yet and there are many factors to take into account so Lara Johnson (our new women’s softball lead) will be in touch shortly to discuss your club’s position.

Women’s Soft Ball Cricket League

League fixtures were added to Play-Cricket early last week, however, since a lot changed last week, we have made the decision to delay the start date to mid-June. These will be amended this week and a full fixture list will be sent to your club’s contact, along with some basic rules and guidance on arranging fixtures. Should we later find that we need to delay further, Lara will keep you informed.

We are hopeful that the above timelines allow us to have a plan ready to go if and when we need to and allows us to make any adjustments or changes where necessary.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Women’s Hardball -

Women’s Soft Ball -

As ever, your territory manager remains your contact for general enquiries.


  1. North Area:

  2. South Area:

  3. West Area:

  4. East Area:

Sussex Slam

Sussex Slam Statement

Sussex Slam Contigency

Pathway Coaching

Despite schools and some leisure centres still being open, we have taken the decision to cancel all pathway coaching sessions. This is in light of last night’s government announcement, and in particular the advice for everyone to stop non-essential contact with others. We would therefore suggest strongly that it would be perfectly sensible for clubs to cancel any winter training sessions that you might currently have planned. For queries relating to pathway cricket

Coach Education Courses

We will also be cancelling any currently scheduled Workforce Education courses, including the upcoming ECB Foundation 1 course, UKCC2, All Stars and Dynamos Activator training, Umpires and Scorers courses, Safe Hands, First Aid and Safeguarding Courses. We will be contacting all candidates signed up shortly. This covers all courses up to and including the end of April. For queries relating to Coach education please contact

Sporting Memories

All sessions are now cancelled. We will let you know when these will resume. We have arranged weekly phone calls from our volunteers to people who attend  our Sporting Memories sessions to check in on them and talk to them about whatever is needed. We are also sending the weekly "pinks" in the post. The Sporting Pink is a weekly printed publication that we use at our Clubs to introduce fun activities and help stimulate sporting memories. It contains articles, quizzes, a sports diary and more. If you'd like to receive a call or sporting pinks please contact 

Walking Cricket

All sessions are now cancelled. We will let you know when these will resume. For queries relating to walking cricket please contact

Super 1's Disability Clubs

All sessions are now cancelled. We will let you know when these will resume.  For queries relating to disability cricket please contact

​​​​​​​Girls Cricket Hubs

All sessions are now cancelled. We will let you know when these will resume. For queries relating to girls cricket please contact

Street Cricket Hubs

All sessions are cancelled. For queries relating to street cricket please contact

Schools Cricket

Primary Schools:

As all of our Foundation Team have been placed on ‘furlough leave’ we will not be in a position to deliver any cricket in schools and/or community until after May half term at the earliest. Therefore, any schools where we have booked in Chance to Shine sessions, SSP sessions, after school clubs will have to be postponed until further notice. Any competitions, festivals or our Sussex Schools Day that you have signed up for, a decision on these will be made after Easter once have further guidance from the Government and the England & Wales Cricket Board.

Secondary Schools:

As all of our Foundation Team have been placed on ‘furlough leave’ we will not be in a position to deliver any cricket in schools and/or community until after May half term at the earliest. Therefore, any schools where we have booked in sessions for our Girls Chance to Shine Programme will have to be postponed until further notice.

Competitions – The English Schools Cricket Association have postponed all national competitions this summer. With cricket activity currently suspended we have taken the decision to also postpone our County & State School Cup competitions due to take place this summer. I will continue to review this and if we are in a position to run anything later this summer then we will certainly look into it. A decision regarding the girls leagues/festivals will be made after Easter once we have received further guidance from the ECB & the Government.

Any questions regarding schools cricket please contact Gary Wallis-Tayler