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Community Cricket

Through our activities we look to make cricket accessible to all, no matter what type of cricket experience you are looking for. If you are looking to play structured competitive cricket in a weekly league, indoor short-form or on the village green, or at school we are working closely with Sussex clubs and schools to ensure these opportunities exist, and are locally accessible.

We welcome new players to cricket by championing competitive junior, senior, women and girls and disability cricket and success at all levels nationally confirms our recreational game is strong. We also have a variety of cricket offers to encourage more people to the game, It’s not always about competition, or even having the ‘right’ equipment; it’s about getting involved and having fun.

Cricket relies on the contribution and support of volunteers, who keep our clubs running, officiate at matches, coach and develop players of all ages and prepare and keep the grounds we play on. We offer support and training to help these volunteers continue to develop the clubs they love.

Children's Activity Book

With most of the schools across the country now officially closed, except for those with parents who are key workers and people being urged to stay at home, we are aware that you might need a little assistance in helping to pass the time. Sussex Cricket are here to help! We have put together this little activity book to help keep children informed, entertained and engaged, and to help take the strain off parents, teachers and coaches!

The activities inside the book are designed for children of various ages and we would love it if you as parents, teachers or coaches would share some of the excellent work the children produce with our various social media channels @SussexCCC!

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