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Inspired to Play

Due to the outstanding efforts of the whole of the cricket network, there is a high level of confidence that we will have a full and safe summer of cricket.  The ECB are keen to work with the network to make the most of the growth opportunities that will be available in a packed summer of cricket on TV, especially around The Hundred and the free to air television that will reach large numbers of people that don’t currently participate in our game. 

To support the ambition, today we are thrilled to launch the “Inspired to Play” Grant. The scheme aims to increase the number of children (boys and girls) and/or women participating in the game by supporting the delivery of new/enhanced recreational cricket activity in England and Wales during the months of June - September 2021.

Your Club can apply for a grant of £1,000 and/or £250 to help your Club open up for new and current players this summer. To apply, please follow the below steps:

  • Please check your eligibility and requirements by reading the guidance notes - Click HERE
  • Register your Club on ECB’s Investment Management System (or log in if already registered) and select “Inspired to Play” from the list of funding programmes
  • Complete the application form and sign and return the contract offer letter to release funding

If you have any questions, please contact your Territory Manager.

Sport England Return to Play fund

In October 2020 Sport England launched it's Return to Play fund. This funding is to support groups, clubs and organisations who’ve been impacted by restrictions brought in to tackle COVID-19, and is part of it's overall response to the crisis.

Please visit:  for full details of this funding stream.

Government Business COVID-19 Grants

On the 4th January 2021 the Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced a one off top up grant to support the retail, leisure and hospitality sector. Details of this grant have yet to be released in full by the Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) however we do know that grants will be made available according to your Rateable Value and administered through your local authority.

Please monitor your local authority website for detail of eligibility and how to apply for this funding as and when details are released.

ECB Emergency Loan Scheme

The ECB Emergency Loan Scheme aims to support affiliated cricket cubs during the COVID-19 crisis by providing funding to assist clubs to cover any shortfall in essential day-to-day running and maintenance costs until normal recreational cricket activity can be resumed.

Who can apply?

Clubs affiliated to their County Cricket Board in 2019 or 2020.

What will the scheme fund?

ECB will consider applications for costs for a period of up to 12 months. Clubs should calculate estimated shortfall in the following expenditure areas:

  • Utility or service Costs
  • Rental charges
  • Staff costs (employees – not coaches or players)
  • Cleaning or maintenance commitments
  • IT licences
  • Security
  • Insurance
  • Equipment orders that can’t be deferred or recovered
  • TV / Broadband subscriptions (where it is not suspended)
  • Affiliations
  • Any other reasonable fixed and / or contracted costs

How much loan can I apply for?

Club with a junior section (including All Stars Cricket / Dynamos Cricket) between £1,000 and £5,000.

Club with an adult section only between £1,000 and £3,000.

How do I apply?

Clubs apply by clicking here.

Before applying, it is highly recommended clubs read the Emergency Loan Scheme guidance notes.

Where do I go for help?

If cricket clubs have any questions about the Emergency Loan Scheme please read the frequently asked questions or contact the facilities help desk by emailing

Club Development Planning

For any cricket club, planning for the future is essential to ensuring the sustainability of the club. Our staff are on hand to help with any guidance on any area of recreational cricket. As an affiliated club to Sussex Cricket, we ask that your club completes a Club Development Plan, which will enable us to better support your club and aid us in pointing you in the right direction to achieve your priorities. 

Please be aware that access to any ECB and SCF funding is reliant on your club having submitted a Club Development Plan to your Territory Manager. 

You can find the template for the Club Development Plan here. 

Spen Cama Foundation

The Spen Cama Charitable Cricket Trust is currently closed to applications. Please contact your Territory Manager for details of projects that may require specific funding for help and guidance.

To find your Territory Manager please visit -

ECB Funding

The ECB and the SCF will shortly be announcing a change to the way funding is administered in Sussex. If you have any projects on the horizon that you will be requiring funding for please contact your Territory Manager to ensure you have everything place for this.


The Club Cricket Charity and ECB is delighted to announce that the Second Phase of its Defibrillator Supply project is now available to cricket clubs and organisations

The offer is for the supply of a portable AED unit at a cost of £500, or, if required, the unit and a self-monitoring mounted cabinet for £915. The Club Cricket Charity will pay the difference on behalf of ECB. This highly discounted offer includes training, insurance cover for loss or damage as well as personal liability, stress counselling post event, and registration with local emergency services.

The offer is fulfilled by The Community Heartbeat Trust under their ‘Managed Solution’ scheme which was successfully deployed during 2018 with 104 clubs and teams receiving portable units.

A cardiac arrest (the stoppage of the heart muscle) can be triggered by many factors: a heart attack; an undiagnosed heart condition; a ball hitting batsman or fielder in the chest or on the head. It can affect any age group from teenage to pensioner, and all between; player and spectator alike. This can be fatal if treatment is not commenced within five minutes of the collapse of the patient. 

Many cricket teams play on cricket fields where professional help may not arrive within this very short timescale, but there is a potential solution by using the portable defibrillator - which gives an electric shock to ‘reboot’ the heart - whilst awaiting professional help. 

The unit is designed to be extremely easy to use with a screen on the front of the machine showing how to use it, and a voice to explain each step of the treatment.  Full training of chosen personnel is part of the offer, either at your club or in the local community.

The wall mounted cabinet is the latest design which automatically monitors and remotely reports the readiness of the unit for use while also recording its usage.

We all hope that this piece of equipment never needs to be used, but there is ample evidence that it saves lives.   

To reply to this offer please initially send a request for an application form to giving the name of your club and its rough location.  The process should take no more than three weeks to fulfil for delivery, then an appointment will be arranged for the training session.