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Pass the time with brand new Sussex Trumps!

We’re all having to spend a lot more time at home at the moment, and with no cricket for a while and yet another game of Monopoly looking less and less appealing, we need alternative forms of entertainment.

Introducing… SUSSEX TRUMPS!

Based on the classic Top Trumps card game, Sussex Trumps takes 32 of Sussex’s all-time greats and pits them against each other in six categories.

‘Young’ Jim Parks might have over 31,000 runs for Sussex to his name, but up against Jason Lewry’s 722 wickets – he’s no match.

Parks v Lewry

Maurice Tate took a mind-blowing 2,211 wickets but didn’t win a single trophy with Sussex. In that category, it’s no contest against legendary skipper Chris Adams whose Sussex career saw the club take seven titles.

Print & Play

Download your Sussex Trumps cards below and print them out onto some card at home. Cut out each card. This is your Sussex Trumps deck.

How to play

Shuffle your Sussex Trumps deck and deal face down amongst the players (everyone in the house can play!).

Each player turns over their top card and the player sitting to the left of the dealer picks a category and everyone reads out the corresponding value on their card.

The player with the highest or best value takes the top card from everyone else and puts them to the bottom of their pile. It’s then their turn to choose a category.

If two or more cards in play share the chosen value, then all the cards from that round are placed in the middle and the same player chooses a category from their next card. The winner of that round also takes all the cards in the middle!

If a player runs out of cards, they are eliminated. The game ends when one player holds all the cards! They are the winner and can join the ranks of Sussex legends!

Tate v Adams

The categories

Appearances – the number of times a player represented Sussex in first team cricket. The most capped player wins.

Runs – the total number of runs a player scored for Sussex in all formats. The player with the most wins.

Wickets – the total number of wickets a player took for Sussex in all formats. The player with the most wins.

Catches – the total number of catches taken by a player while representing Sussex. The player with the most wins. A good category to choose if you have a wicketkeeper at the top of your pile.

Trophies – the number of trophies won by Sussex during a players career with the club. Players involved during the club’s ‘golden decade’ in the 2000s score highly here.

Debut – the year a player first represented the Sussex first team. At The 1st Central County Ground, we play that a later debut beats an earlier debut – but everyone has their own house rules on this one!

What are you waiting for? Print and cut out your cards, grab the rest of your household and while away the hours with SUSSEX TRUMPS!

Make sure you share videos and photos of your Sussex Trumps games with the @SussexCCC social media accounts. We’ll repost the best!

Only 32 players made the cut! Did we make the right selection? Make sure you @ us and let us know! Expansion pack, anyone?