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Women's Softball Cricket has record-breaking year in Sussex

Women's Softball Cricket is alive and well in Sussex after a record-breaking summer saw more participants than ever playing the game. 

Across 18 festivals in the region, over 700 players joined in with the action at events, that involved music, colourful t-shirts, prosecco and, of course, cricket.  

Linda Bowen, Sussex Women's Softball Maker, said: "I met so many women before matches at The 1st Central County Ground this summer, and asked them if they had ever played cricket. 

"The responses were almost exactly the same - 'Oh no! That's my son/daughter/husband who play. I just watch!'.

"For women like that, Women's Softball Cricket is the perfect activity. You don't need to have experience playing the game, or be the best cricketer.

"It's a six-a-side, six-overs-a-side fortmat of fast, fun and free cricket with a softball and a plastic bat. Everyone bats, everyone has a go at bowling, and then everyone has a glass of prosecco!"

In a national campaign that ran from Newcastle to the Isle of Wight, over 20,000 women of all ages, abilities, fitness levels and backgrounds tried cricket for the first time.

Across Sussex, women came to the festivals in teams from work, from cricket clubs or just on their own, having seen it advertised or through a friend's recommendation. 

If you missed out this summer, look out for Women's Softball Cricket in 2019. Let’s make it bigger and better than ever!