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Abi Sakande appointed as Trustee of the Sussex Cricket Foundation, alongside re-appointments of Ish Jalal and Katy Cooper

Sussex Cricket is pleased to announce the appointment of Abi Sakande, and the re-appointment of Ish Jalal and Katy Cooper, as Trustees of the Sussex Cricket Foundation, until August 2023.

Abi Sakande is a young fast bowler who joined the Sussex Cricket player pathway at the age of 12 and was a member of our professional staff until September 2019. He has a degree in Human Sciences from Oxford University and was the Professional Cricketers’ Association representative for Sussex from 2017 to 2019.

Katy Cooper, who has a Masters Degree in Human Rights from the London School of Economics, is an independent consultant who specialises in all aspects of non-communicable disease prevention. She has led the Foundation on our health and wellbeing programmes since becoming a Trustee in 2016. 

Ish Jalal, who has been a Trustee of the Foundation since April 2016, is Chair of Crawley Eagles Cricket Club, the biggest cricket club in the county, and is a Senior Vice President in the pharmaceutical industry.

Jon Filby, Chair of the Sussex Cricket Foundation said: “ I am delighted that Ish Jalal and Katy Cooper have agreed to continue to serve as Trustees of the Foundation for a further three years, and that Abi Sakande has agreed to join us as a Trustee. 

“Rightly, there is much talk about the need for diverse and inclusive thinking in the boardrooms of sports organisations in the UK and Katy, Ish and Abi will bring us a special combination of life experiences, cricket knowledge and public health and wellbeing awareness.”