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Spring Workshop - 4th April 2020

Preston Nomads Cricket Club 09:30 to  12:45

Tea, coffee and a bacon butty on arrival.

Tickets cost £15

Topics covered to include :-

  • Rolling principles and machinery set up
  • Soil Testing clinic and fertiliser choice
  • Squaring up the square
  • Early season pitch preparations
  • Q & A session with Sussex pitch advisors
  • Take your own soil sample and bring it along



Sussex Association of Cricket Groundsmen


The association was created to improve pitches in the County and to allow like-minded individuals to share a wealth of experience and wisdom to benefit the game as a whole.

The Association role

• Organise educational courses and workshops in cricket Groundsmanship

• Offer local support, help and advice through networking and pitch advisors.

• Provide access to machinery for end of season renovations and winter spiking via the trailer.

• Promote groundsman and good practice.

• Represent the best interests of groundsmen in the County.

Benefits to clubs/groundsman

• Training.

• Advice.

• Subsidised access to specialist machinery.

• Representation.

• Increased standards.

Join us on Facebook for sharing of ideas and groundsmen chat.

SACG AGM Minutes 7th January 2020

SACG AGM Minutes 2nd December 2019

SACG AGM Minutes 29th November 2018

Spring Summer Workshop 16th March 2019

The aim of the day was to give an understanding of the sort of skills and knowledge you need to know in order to tackle the transition from late winter into the cricket season to prepare the best possible surface that you can with your resources. This will not be the last word in cricket groundsmanship, but rather a foundation on which to build.

Download a copy of the notes from this workshop.

Machinery Hire

Machinery Hire (Affiliated Clubs Only)

Scarifier - £100 / visit plus mileage

Aerator - £100 / visit plus mileage

For further information please contact

Pitch Advisors

Pitch Advisors Role

• Carry out detailed reports on the quality of pitches and provide recommendations for improvements, including full PQS analysis, min-visits and follow up reports

• To help maintain a healthy association.

• Offer informal local advice and links to resources.

• Run courses/mini workshop on behalf of its members.

• Raise awareness of standards and offer support, advice and encouragement.

Pitch Advisors Price List

Mini pitch report - £100 plus mileage 0.45p per mile

Price includes :-

  • Site visit
  • Visual inspection
  • Verbal advice
  • Mini Report

Full pitch quality survey - £250 plus mileage 0.45p per mile

Price includes :-

  • Site visit
  • Visual inspection
  • Performance Quality Standard testing against benchmarked national standards
  • Written report

Contact Details

For pitch advisor bookings – Steve Pickup: 

County Pitch Advisor – Andy Mackay: 

County Pitch Advisor – Brian Sandalls:  

County Pitch Advisor – Brian Fletcher:

NatWest Cricket Club Pitch Doctor

Pre-Season Rolling & Squaring

Pitch Preparation

Final Preparation & Marking

Pitch Renovation: Repairing Foot Holes

Pitch Renovation: Follow Through and General Pitch Repair

Pitch Renovation: Over Seeding and Calibration

Pitch Renovation: Plugging

Nets Maintenance