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Pitch Advisors

Pitch Advisors Role

The role of a CPA is to: Advise on the maintenance and renovation of cricket surfaces.

  1. To undertake Performance Quality Standards (PQS) assessments and/or detailed pitch assessments for square and/or outfields and the production of a detailed report and related documentation using approved templates.

  2. To undertake basic advisory assessments including visual inspections and the production of short reports.  All Reports must produce written outcomes

  3. To maintain an activity log recording site visits, reports produced and any verbal reports/conversations.

  4. To monitor the developments of any facilities on which recommendations are being implemented.

  5. Respond to urgent issues that need advice – for example when a club must deal with an act of vandalism, flooding or a request from the league where a pitch has been reported as poor. 

  6. All enquires, and payment/reimbursement will be managed by the CCB, with copies of reports sent to the CCB initially for internal review and approval.

  7. Promote and work within the CCB facilities strategy (support to be provided by the RPA).

Support initiatives from the CCB and/or the ECB to promote groundstaff and improve the quality of playing surfaces including working with Leagues to develop knowledge and expertise.

Pitch advisors are not qualified to advice on drainage or construction projects, but will be able to assist in signposting clubs to relevant sources.

The purpose of the scheme is to deliver the following:

  • Promotion of Minimum Quality Performance Standards to develop pitches that are safe and provide encouragement to both bat and ball.

  • Working with the County Cricket Boards (CCB), in developing and delivering advise and support to all local Groundstaff.

  • Provide a proactive response and service to clubs/Leagues

  • Raise the profile for Groundstaff within the sport.

  • Undertake the accurate assessment of cricket sites and to produce the appropriate reports and supporting documentation.

Pitch Advisors Price List

Mini pitch report - £100 plus mileage 0.45p per mile

Price includes :-

  • Site visit

  • Visual inspection

  • Verbal advice

  • Mini Report

Full pitch quality survey - £250 plus mileage 0.45p per mile

Price includes :-

  • Site visit

  • Visual inspection

  • Performance Quality Standard testing against benchmarked national standards

  • Written report


To book a Pitch Advisor visit click HERE

GMA Online Level 1 - Cricket Grounds Maintenance Course

(ONLINE) Level 1 Cricket Grounds Maintenance

The Grounds Management Association (GMA) have a range of training courses that are suitable for both the professional and grass roots volunteer. The new online Level 1 modules cover a range of sports and allow you to gain an awareness and general understanding of the tasks involved in maintaining playing surfaces.

What is involved in this online course?
It is all online. 
This online option will suit those volunteers that do not have time to travel and attend a course. You will learn about that tasks involved in maintaining a playing surface in a cost-effective way.

How much does it cost?
£25.00 (Incl. VAT)

What does the course content cover?
There are 3 modules to this training course. All are designed to either give you a new understanding or build on your experiences so far.

  • Requirements of the groundsperson and pitch
    o Pitch and player requirements
    o Introduction to Performance Quality Standards
    o Maintenance activities
  • Maintenance activities (Equipment and Machinery)
    o Types of equipment and machinery
    o Equipment and machinery settings
    o Safe use of equipment and machinery
  • Safe use and storage (Materials)
    o Storage and safe disposal
    o Types of material
    o Application and effects of incorrect use

Each module has an informal self-assessment test, plus there is a formal end of course multiple choice assessment test, which is also online.
After you have completed these 3 modules, we will also suggest other topics of progression should you wish to continue to learn.

Please note that to ensure timely completion of this course access will only be available for 28 days from the point of booking. However, there are many useful documents within the online course that you can save / print for you to refer back to.

What do you get?
You will receive a certificate of completion which can compliment your own CPD activity.
This course is also worth 3 CPD points / 3 CPD hours.


Machinery Hire

Machinery Hire (Affiliated Clubs Only) - BOOKING IS NOW CLOSED

Scarifier - £120 / visit plus mileage

Aerator - £120 / visit plus mileage

To book please visit - Booking link coming soon

A recent Q & A with Sussex Cricket Head Groundsmen Ben Gibson

Groundsmen's Webinar 14th July 2020 from Sussex Cricket Foundation on Vimeo.

Updated GMA Guidance relating to maintaining cricket playing surfaces - 2nd July 2020

Please see below a download which contains details of updated GMA guidance relating to the maintenance of cricket playing surfaces.

Sussex Association of Cricket Groundsmen


The association was created to improve pitches in the County and to allow like-minded individuals to share a wealth of experience and wisdom to benefit the game as a whole.

The Association role

• Organise educational courses and workshops in cricket Groundsmanship

• Offer local support, help and advice through networking and pitch advisors.

• Provide access to machinery for end of season renovations and winter spiking via the trailer.

• Promote groundsman and good practice.

• Represent the best interests of groundsmen in the County.

Benefits to clubs/groundsman

• Training.

• Advice.

• Subsidised access to specialist machinery.

• Representation.

• Increased standards.

Join us on Facebook for sharing of ideas and groundsmen chat.

NatWest Cricket Club Pitch Doctor

Pre-Season Rolling & Squaring

Pitch Preparation

Final Preparation & Marking

Pitch Renovation: Repairing Foot Holes

Pitch Renovation: Follow Through and General Pitch Repair

Pitch Renovation: Over Seeding and Calibration

Pitch Renovation: Plugging

Nets Maintenance