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NEXT MATCH: Sussex 2nd XI vs Surrey 2nd XI

Friendly Cricket in Sussex is alive and well, with over 40 affiliated ‘non-league’ clubs as part of the Sussex Cricket Family. We are aware of the challenges that friendly clubs face and are striving to identify ways in which to assist clubs to help them develop and grow, whilst keeping the element of tradition alive.

Led by Development Officer Alex King, a survey was completed in 2019 asking players and clubs about their experiences playing non-league cricket. This has allowed us to make some recommendations.

Please bear in mind that this data in bold is pre-Covid. Some responses are still very relevant to help informing decisions for your club! Where necessary, Alex gave his comments in italics.


  1. 18 out of 75 clubs are not affiliated to Sussex = ECB

I have had a couple of clubs ask me, why should we do so, what benefit is it to us? I remind the club that their affiliation to Sussex is also their affiliation to the ECB. Without it you cannot benefit from being able to apply for various funding opportunities from the ECB, Sport England, the Spen Cama Cricket Foundation, and ECB Insurance. Nor can you partake in the events which we organise. These opportunities alone can help keep your club alive or allow you to thrive. Please click on the link for the additional benefit of being affiliated: Affiliation Benefits  On top of these potential financial benefits, the staff here at Sussex Cricket Foundation are here to advise and help your club succeed. Some friendly clubs who have benefitted from affiliation are: 

  • Winchelsea CC - received a Spen Cama grant for a wicket mower so that they could continue to play on their historic home ground. 
  • Crowhurst Cricket Club (not Crowhurst Park) - we helped them celebrate their centenary with prizes and assistance.  
  • Rodmell CC and Petworth Park CC - both applied for funding for catering equipment from the CWC grant scheme in 2019. 
  • Goodwood CC - got funding for covers from the Get the Game on grant scheme in 2018. 
  • Westbourne CC - Spen Cama grant for a mower. 
  • Loxwood CC - we helped develop and build a large junior section to secure the future. 
  • Ferring CC - Sport England Pavillion Extension, creation of a junior section to secure their future, Spen Cama grant for a Non-Turf Pitch, CWC grant for catering. CWO training.
  1. 64% of Clubs desire for a free Webinar/Training session on how to use Play Cricket to its full potential. 

Due to Covid-19 it has not been possible for the ECB to host one to date. As soon as it is arranged, we will communicate where to sign up. You will need to be affiliated in order to join in. 


  1. 25 clubs are interested in playing a localised mid-week T20 competitionAnother 26 were undecided and wanted to know more. 

In response to this desire, I suggest that your club visits to find out more. This mid-week T20 competition is specifically designed for fun and flexibility, proving to be extremely popular in 2020. With two tiers for this 2021 season, there is an appropriate level for your club to join. One of the aims of the Slam is to get ex-players back playing and new people into the game. A positive example of this is Ferring CC's 'Falcons', who have attracted lapsed players. These players have become new members and now play on Sundays too. There are new friendly clubs that have been created via the Slam. One notable success being The Shoreham Swingers, who also intend to start playing Sunday friendlies.


  1. An average of 5.88 players aged between U13 - U19 play for your adult teams. 

The youth are the future of your club and its essential that you have the relevant safeguarding policies and practices in place for their welfare and for the welfare of your adults too. My colleagues and I will be contacting all clubs who said that they don't have a welfare officer and offer our advice on what to do next.


  1. Indoor Cricket: 18 clubs already play some form of indoor cricket. Another 17 would be interested if something were to be arranged. The remaining 40 clubs have no interest. 

For those 17 interested clubs, unfortunately the pandemic has destroyed any developments I could have potentially made in this area of interest, but it is something we will look to address in the future.


  1. Weekend Match start times: 32.7% of weekend games are scheduled for a 1pm or 2pm start. 

These start times are popular ones for players too, see the stats on preferred start time below. 


  1. The average club membership fee is £36.80 
  2. The average match fee is £9.00 
  3. 46.65% of clubs are breaking even or have had a small loss. 53% made a surplus. 
  4. 36 clubs have no plan in place to develop their club. 

My colleagues and I are here to advise and help develop your club. Please contact me and I will put you in touch with your territory manager, who will be your main point of contact going forward.  





       A. 43.1% do not play any Sussex 1st Central Cricket League Cricket. 


       B. 173 players (53.1%) want to play midweek T20. 23 players (7.1%) already do.  120 players (39.9%) no interest. 


       C. 208 players (68%) play regularly (8+ games). 85 players (26.2%) play occasionally (less than 8 games). 


       D. 40/40, Declaration, 20/20 and Timed games were the most desired formats to play. 


Players want variety of formats across the season. 


       E. 89.6% believe their membership fee is appropriate.  


       F. Average Match fees of no more than £9.15 (when tea is provided) 


       G. Weekend Match start time: Most popular 1pm (23.5%), 12 noon (19.4%), 2pm (13.2%), 11:30am (11%), 1:30pm (10%), 11am or earlier (10%), 12:30pm (8.8%). 

A few players want earlier start times than 1pm. Opposition travelling should be taken into account. Match start times should not be to the detriment to, nor have a negative impact on junior matches happening prior to an adult game.  

       H. If available and not selected, 204 players (66.4%) would be prepared to play for the opposition if needed.

        I. In the interest of getting the game on: 83 players would willingly play for any club, another 166 would do so, but it depends upon who they would be playing for. The remaining 58 will play for no other club than their own. 


       J. 149 players desire a forum whereby they can announce availability to play for other clubs. 


       K. 100 players would like a forum to see other clubs announce their shortage of players. 


What these results show us, is that the majority of players just want to play cricket, no matter who for or against, which is fantastic. In response to J and K, Rick Carter of Brighton and Hove Crescent CC, has created and manages the open facebook group called ‘Play cricket in Sussex’. We very much encourage all clubs to get on this group and announce as and when you need players to complete your XI. We ask you to share this group with your membership too, it is a platform for them to play elsewhere when you have not selected them. We don't want to see any matches being cancelled when there are 249 players who, when able, are willing to play elsewhere on an odd occasion. We hope it will also become a place where new or lapsed players can easily contact clubs. Please use the link 'Play cricket in Sussex'


Thank you for taking the time to read the above. If you wish to affiliate and become part of the Sussex family, please let me know and I shall help get the ball rolling. 

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