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NEXT MATCH: Sussex CCC vs Hampshire

Left to right

Chris Coleman - Head of Community Cricket

Matt Parsons - Hoorah here we are! Oh and up the Gills!

Hamish Russell - Tallest member of staff at Sussex - no need to tell me I already know.


Carl Tupper - The unofficial Mayor or West Wittering - who lives in Worthing.

Gary Wallis-Tayler - Seagulls season ticket holder and Aston Villa fan. #GOSBTS

Aroop Tanna - I'm the SCF Disability Cricket Manager who arrived here by way of a mid life crisis I think.

Steve Pickup - The second most famous fast bowling vegan at Sussex Cricket.

Charlotte Burton - Women's & Girls Development Officer & part time shepherd.

Linda Bowen - I'm here to make sure that everyone has an opportunity and I'm likely to hassle you until they do.

Alex King - Avid cricketer who loves his job at the SCF, coaching as much as playing it.

Oli Smith - All Stars and Cricket World Cup leads. A bit of a badger if I'm honest.

Dan Wescott - Please don't mention the ears.

Lizzie Bigsby - The blonde bombshell. Don't let the small frame and beaming smile fool you.

Laura Boulton – Waiting for the day that Chris says ‘You’re Hired’.

Matt Cuttress - From baking to Sussex Cricket - the healthier way to spend my days!

Paul Francis - I'm as welcoming as the sign saying "Rail Replacement Bus Service" that's a coach to you!

Jack Hyde - The hairstyle changes regularly but that's it with me.

Alex Murray - All round sports fan who loves West Ham - and yes that does make me a fan!

Adam Page - Community Coach in the East. I promise I am a coach and not a child.

Alan Perrin - Plate spinner. Fire extinguisher. Very good with cones. Confused most of the time.

Alan Smith - I'm only 12 inches and 4 stone away from being 6 foot tall and skinny.