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T20 Tickets Explained

Looking to understand how T20 match tickets will work for all of our Vitality Blast matches? Everything you need to know can be found in the full list of FAQs below:

2021 T20 Ticketing FAQs – Post Government Roadmap and Priority Windows 

In addition to our general ticketing FAQs, we have also compiled the following frequently asked questions relating to this season’s T20 tickets:

Are tickets still available for the T20 matches? If so, how do I secure a ticket? 

Yes. Four of our matches are currently on general sale.

For certain fixtures, tickets are still available to request. To secure a ticket click here. With the ongoing possibility of a reduced capacity for matches this summer, we have taken the decision to allow supporters to request tickets for all Vitality Blast group stage matches taking place at The 1st Central County Ground, Hove in 2021 without making payment.   

Supporters will be able to select tickets for each of our T20 fixtures as they would normally. Once added to their basket, they will then checkout with ‘zero-value’ tickets for each of their selected matches.  

Does my ‘zero-value’ ticket request guarantee my attendance at the match?  

Unfortunately not. Once we know our capacity for any given fixture, we will assign tickets against each request in chronological order of their original ‘zero-value’ ticket request.  Successful applicants will then have a limited time to purchase their valid match day ticket(s). We will then seat all paid supporters, in line with our available capacity. Tickets will follow closer to the event.  

How much are tickets?  

Vitality Blast match tickets are:  

  • £30 – Adult  

  • £15 – Youth (Under 18)  

  • £7.50 – Junior (Under 14)  

How will I be notified that I have secured a ticket to a match?  

All successful ticket requests will be notified via email.  Therefore, all supporters should ensure we have their valid email address. Otherwise, you risk missing out. You will receive a separate email for each fixture. Each email will provide a deadline by which you must complete your purchase. 

I do not use email; can you notify me in a different way?  

Unfortunately not. Due to the short turnaround time that we are likely to operate within, we will be unable to write to or call supporters who are not set up to receive electronic communications. We therefore suggest all supporters who do not use emails to speak to any friends or family with an email account to help them secure tickets.   

How much notice will I be given if I am successful in securing the right to purchase a valid match day ticket?  

You are likely to receive a short amount of notice ahead of the fixture due to the ever-changing world we currently live in. However, realistically we do not know the exact amount of time we will be able to provide supporters. Our capacity for any given match day will be set by various third parties, including the local Safety Advisory Group (SAG), in line with guidance provided by the Sports Ground Safety Authority and UK Government.  

What will happen if I am successful in securing a ticket but fail to pay?  

If you are successful in securing a ticket but fail to pay for it within the available time frame, you will not be permitted to attend the match. Once the available time frame has expired your ticket will be offered to another supporter. The next customer will be selected based on the chronological data of their original ‘zero-value’ ticket request.  

I can see some of the Vitality Blast matches but I am unable to purchase a ticket. Why? 

We have begun to offer tickets to successful applicants for certain matches.  You will have received an email inviting you to make your purchase, if you are in the priority group we are currently processing. If you have not received an email at this stage, please hold tight! Further tickets may become available at a later stage.  

Both my friend and I have requested tickets. They have received an email inviting them to purchase but I have not. Why?

As explained during the ticket request period, tickets will be offered in a chronological order. It may be that your friend’s request was submitted prior to yours. For example, if you are the 3,000th ticket request and our capacity is reduced to 2,500 it is unlikely you will have the chance to secure a ticket for the match. Unless of course, those before you fail to pay for their ticket within the allotted time.  

How many tickets can I request/purchase?   

Currently each supporter can request or purchase up to four tickets per match. Ticket requests made in the same transaction will be seated together. Please note you will only be able to attend with people in line with government advice at the time of the fixture being played. This could be from your household, bubble or rule of 6 if restrictions still apply.  

Is it best I simply wait until closer to the match to request my ticket?  

Supporters can request tickets at any point in time, however the earlier you request tickets the greater your chances are of attending the fixture. 

How do I check and update my email address?  

Updating your contact details is easy. Simply login to your online ticketing account by clicking here, then select ‘My Account’ followed by ‘Update Details’.  

Can I select my seat?   

With the ongoing possibility of a reduced capacity and social distancing at matches this summer, you will be able to select from the available seats within your chosen match. Seats are arranged in ‘pods’ you have to select the entire pod to check out. For example, if you require 2 seats you cannot purchase 2 seats within a pod of 4. 

Blue seats are available for purchase. Grey seats have been sold or are unavailable for social distancing. 

Can I secure seats next to my friends?   

Only if the request is in line with government advice such as your household, bubble or rule of 6, should restrictions still apply, and tickets are requested in one transaction. Individual ticket requests will not be able to be grouped with their friends and family who are part of their bubble.  

Do my friends have to be part of my bubble?  

All supporters will be expected to act in line with government advice and restrictions that are in place at the time of the fixture. Therefore, supporters will need to request tickets with this in mind.  

The government roadmap published on Monday 22nd February indicates that there will be no restrictions following 21st June 2021. Why can’t I buy tickets without being cautious around Government advice?  

We are all buoyed by the Government roadmap, but we must recognise that the dates communicated are aspirational. Each stage is separated by a five-week interval — four weeks for scientists to assess the effects, and a week for us to prepare. If for any reason one stage is delayed, then this will have a knock-on effect on all the other dates. Therefore, we need to ensure that we have a flexible yet robust ticketing procedure that can ensure as many Sussex fans get the opportunity to watch cricket safely at Hove. Whether that be as part of a reduced or full capacity, following social distancing and other restrictions such as a household, bubble and rule of 6, or not.  

We are excited to welcome fans back to Hove, but it important that we do so responsibly with the safety of our supporters at the heart of the decisions we make.  

I require accessibility seating, how do I request a ticket?  

All accessibility seats are managed by our Membership and Ticketing Team. They will be happy to help over the phone on 01273 827100 or via email The team are available between the hours of 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.  

I have previously purchased a Ticket, Blast Pass or Membership but have not used my online membership and ticketing account before. Can I still request tickets online?  

Yes. If you have not activated or used your online account previously, you just need your membership/customer ID number (8 digits long which starts with either 100XXXXX or 110XXXXX) and surname to activate your account. Once you have located these details, which can be found on the back of your previous membership card or ticket purchase confirmation email, click here and follow the on screen steps.  

Once logged in, simply navigate to the match day ticket or membership section, select the product you desire and follow the on-screen steps to complete your purchase.  

I have not purchased a Ticket, Blast Pass or Membership from Sussex Cricket previously, can I still request online?  

Yes. If you have not purchased a Ticket, Blast Pass or Membership from Sussex Cricket previously you are able to set up an account by clicking here.  

Alongside my Ticket I also purchased tickets for my friends and family, in line with Government advice, how can I assign them their ticket?  

If you are purchasing tickets on behalf of someone else, you will need to add them to your network. This can be done once logged into your online ticketing account or by clicking here.  

Why do I need to set up my network?  

Most ticketed events, including sporting events, now require the details of each ticket holder rather than just the person who made the booking. The need for this is only going to become greater following the global COVID-19 pandemic and associated health and safety protocol for track and trace purposes.  

Setting up your network in advance of purchasing will assist you in having a seamless ticketing journey. Rather than having to call round your friends and family trying to organise your network, whilst also trying to make sure you do not miss out on the match you want to attend.  

I have purchased multiple tickets, how do I assign them to my booking and add them to my network? 

By building your network, this will allow you to assign supporters to individual tickets you have selected. It is best that you build your network PRIOR purchasing tickets. 

To build your network, log in, go to ‘My Account’ and select ‘My Network’ from the drop-down list. On the ‘MY NETWORK’ page, click the blue ‘ADD USER’ button. 

If your friend has registered their own account and has given you their ID number, select ‘Search for an Existing User’ and enter their details. 

If your friend has not been registered with an online account, click ‘register a new user’. Your friend will be sent an email to complete their registration.  

If you are registering a child under the age of 18 and they do not have an email address, please use your own. 

What changes can I expect regarding the arrangements of the ground e.g. one-way systems, seating, movement etc?   

It is likely attending a match this season will have a different look and feel compared to previous years. The exact set up will depend on Government advice and restrictions at that point in time. Any changes implemented will be done to keep you and your fellow supporters safe.  

Ahead of requesting/purchasing a ticket or attending a match all supporters will be expected to have read our Code of Conduct, which will go some way to giving guidance on how you can help keep everyone safe whilst at the ground.  

Ahead of each match, a ‘Guide to the Game’ will be emailed to attendees and published on our website. This will outline what can be expected and what facilities will be available on the day. 

Where can I find the ticket refund and rollback policy?  

Our ticket refund and rollback policy can be found here.  

Where can I find the spectator code of conduct?   

Our code of conduct, which is used alongside our ground regulations, can be found here.  

Where can I find the ticketing terms and conditions?  

Our terms and conditions can be found here.  

Can I visit the Membership and Ticketing Team in person to discuss my ticketing requirements?  

Unfortunately not. Our Club Shop and Ticket Office is closed to the general public in line with Government advice. Ticket enquiries can be discussed over the phone 01273 827100 or via email  

I require further assistance / have a question that is not answered above?  

Our Membership and Ticketing Team will be happy to help over the phone on 01273 827100 or via email Please be mindful we are still having to operate with reduced staffing levels and therefore your enquiry may take slightly longer than usual to be dealt with.    

When are the Membership and Ticketing Team available?  

The team are available between the hours of 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. However, please be mindful we are still having to operate with reduced staffing levels and therefore your enquiry may take slightly longer than usual to be dealt with.